The Best Do It Yourself Pallet Projects

If you’re a pallet enthusiast, or just looking for a weekend DIY project, these gorgeous ideas are for you!

The Best Do It Yourself Pallet Projects

Wood pallets are an excellent source of material for crafting. They are cheap (or FREE) and you can pick them up from industrial estates or even your local grocery store.

Pallets can be used for making inexpensive and stylish room furniture, decorative accessories, lighting fixtures and outdoor home decor items. Someone with no carpentry training whatsoever could turn a pallet into a table, a chair or a set of shelves without any need for professional help. Here are some of our favorite DIY pallet projects – all with step by step instructions!

1. Pallet Coat Rack

Pallet Coat Rack

DIY instructions: Re-Fabbed

2. Console Table

Console Table

DIY instructions: Nur Noch

3. Pallet Coffee & Tea Drink Station

Pallet Coffee and Tea Drink Station

DIY instructions: Mother Daughter Projects

4. Pallet Mailbox

Pallet Mailbox

DIY instructions: Old World Garden Farms

5. Pallet Deck Island

Pallet Deck Island

DIY instructions: Love My DIY Home

6. Pallet Swing Bed

Pallet Swing Bed

DIY instructions: Grillo Designs

7. Pallet Art: Shark

Pallet Art

DIY instructions: Sand and Sisal

8. Pallet Bird Feeder

Pallet Bird Feeder

DIY instructions: Home-Dzine

9. Pallet Dog Bed on Casters

Pallet Dog Bed on Casters

DIY instructions: The Home Depot Blog

10. Pallet Adirondack Chair

Pallet Adirondack Chair

DIY instructions: Home Stratosphere

11. Pallet Picture Frames

Pallet Picture Frames

DIY instructions: A Kreative Whim

12. Pallet Spice Rack

pallet spice rack

DIY instructions: Less Than Average Height

13. Farmhouse Table with Gutter Planter

Farmhouse Table with Gutter Planter

DIY instructions: Upcycled Ugly

14. Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box

Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box

DIY instructions: A Night Owl Blog

15. Pallet Sign & Garden Planter All In One

Pallet Sign and Garden Planter All In One

DIY instructions: Modern on Monticello

16. Industrial Cart Pallet Wood Coffee Table

Industrial Cart Pallet Wood Coffee Table

DIY instructions: Ana White

17. Outdoor Porch Lanterns

Outdoor Porch Lanterns

DIY instructions: Scavenger Chic

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