15 Easy & Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations

15 Easy and Eco-Friendly DIY Halloween Decorations

You don’t have to spend a fortune on Halloween decorations to make your home looks scary. In fact, you can create some truly festive Halloween decorations on your own with stuff you already have lying around the house and have lots of fun doing it!

Egg cartons, tin cans, and milk jugs can all turn into works of art with a little effort and imagination. The possibilities are endless! Here are 15 projects you can do with your kids for Halloween that are cheap, eco-friendly, and oh so cute.

1. Trash Bag Spider Webs

Trash Bag Spider Webs

Tutorial via HGTV

2. Egg Carton Bats

Egg Carton Bats

Tutorial via Happy Clippings

3. Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

Tutorial via Eighteen25

4. Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

Wine Bottle Jack-O-Lanterns

Tutorial via Instructables

5. Bottle Cap Spiders

Bottle Cap Spiders

Tutorial via Craft Create Cook

6. Halloween Tin Can Ghost

Halloween Tin Can Ghost

Tutorial via Faithfully Free

7. Floating Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls

Floating Candles Made From Paper Towel Rolls

Tutorial via Warner Bros

8. Paper Plate Ghost

Paper Plate Ghost

Tutorial via Pucker Up Style

9. Glass Jar Mummy Lanterns

glass jar mummy lanterns

Tutorial via Crafting a Green World

10. Recycled K-Cup Halloween Lights

Recycled K-Cup Halloween Lights

Tutorial via The Kim Six Fix

11. Juice Box Monsters

Juice Box Monsters

Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

12. Cardboard Box Spider

Cardboard Box Spider

Tutorial via MollyMooCrafts

13. Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

toilet paper roll mummies

Tutorial via Glue Sticks & Gumdrops

14. Milk Jug Skeleton

Milk Jug Skeleton

Tutorial via eHow.com

15. Haunted House Made Out of Milk Cartons

Haunted House Made Out of Milk Cartons

Tutorial via ChooseCartons

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