11 Cool DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

If you’re looking for cool things to do with wine bottles, then this is the perfect collection for you! Here you’ll find tons of amazing DIY wine bottle crafts that are decorative, useful, and earth-friendly! You will learn how to turn empty wine bottles into beautiful vases, candle holders, decorative centerpieces, and so much more. Try these easy crafts with wine bottles to give them a new life!

1. Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Wine Bottle Bird Feeder

Invite beautiful birds to your garden with this clever DIY wine bottle bird feeder. (Tutorial via Down Home Inspiration)

2. Wine Bottle Vase

Wine Bottle Vase

Create a stunning vase from a wine bottle, a paper doily, and white glue. A perfect addition to a bookshelf, mantle, or dresser. (Tutorial via Craftiments)

3. Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

Turn your old wine bottles into simple yet amazing pendant lighting for your home. No electrical experience needed! (Tutorial via iLoveToCreate)

4. Recycled Wine Bottle Tiered Veggie Stand

Recycled Wine Bottle Tiered Veggie Stand

Cut wine bottles and glue them to dollar store dishes for this versatile tiered stand! (Tutorial via Saved by Love Creations)

5. Wine Bottle Centerpiece

Wine Bottle Centerpiece

This simple yet elegant wine bottle centerpiece will definitely take your dining table to the next level. (Tutorial via See Vanessa Craft)

6. Wine Bottle Candle Holders

wine bottle candle holders

Turn wine bottles into candle holders. Great for Christmas or all year round decoration. (Tutorial via Design Sponge)

7. Wine Bottle Picture Frame

wine bottle picture frame

Show off your favorite memories in a creative new way using this idea. (Tutorial via The Small Things)

8. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Liven up your garden or patio with a wind chime made from the tops of recycled wine bottles. (Tutorial via Recycledawblog)

9. Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters

Self-Watering Wine Bottle Planters

Save water and grow healthier veggies and flowers with a self-watering planter. (Tutorial via Little Projectiles)

10. Wine Bottle Lamp

Wine Bottle Lamp

This wine bottle lamp can be used as a table or reading lamp and will make a great gift. (Tutorial via Lana Red Studio)

11. Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

Wine Bottle Dish Soap Dispenser

Tired of your ugly plastic store bought soap dispenser? Make a pretty glass one using a wine bottle. (Tutorial via Living Well Spending Less)

What do you think about these wine bottle craft ideas? Do you think you’ll give any of them a try? Let us know in the comments section below, and as always, feel free to share this post with others!

11 Cool DIY Wine Bottle Crafts

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