10 DIY Copper Projects To Beautify Your Garden

10 DIY Copper Projects To Beautify Your Garden

Looking for ways to add some style and flare to your garden without breaking the bank? Copper is a wonderful material to use for outdoor projects. It’s soft and malleable, meaning it can be shaped or hammered easily, fairly inexpensive, and looks super chic too! From copper flowers to copper rain chains and copper water features, check out these interesting and charming garden projects you’re going to want to try!

1. Copper Triangle Mobile

Copper Triangle Mobile
Tutorial via DIY in PDX

2. Copper Rain Chain

Copper Rain Chain
Tutorial via Instructables

3. Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile
Tutorial via Sand and Sisal

4. Copper Tomato Spirals

Copper Tomato Spirals
Tutorial via Suzy Homefaker

5. Copper Wind Chimes

copper wind chimes
Tutorial via Chica and Jo

6. Copper Trellis

Copper Trellis
Tutorial via 33 Shades of Green

7. Copper Garden Art Flowers

Copper Garden Art Flowers
Tutorial via Garden Therapy

8. Copper and Mint DIY Birdhouse

Copper and Mint Birdhouse
Tutorial via Make and Fable

9. Wire Teacup Garden Stake

Wire Teacup Garden Stake
Tutorial via Oh My Creative

10. Copper Spiral Water Feature

Copper Spiral Water Feature
Tutorial via The Gardener

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