11 DIY Projects to Update Your Kitchen

Does your kitchen look bland and boring? Summer¬†is a fabulous time to refresh this space! We’ve gathered 11 adorable DIY kitchen accessories that you can do in your free time, to make your kitchen even more beautiful and functional. All of these projects are easy, affordable, and most importantly look fantastic.

1. Kitchen Utensil Holders

kitchen utensil holders

Repurpose plastic containers into useful kitchen utensil holders. This is a must for kitchens with little drawer space. (Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda)

2. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

mason jar soap dispenser

Give your kitchen some style with mason jar soap dispensers! They’re inexpensive to make and brings the perfect vintage touch to your space. (Tutorial via Love Grows Wild)

3. DIY Kraft Paper Grocery List

paper roll grocery list

Mount a roll of kraft paper in your kitchen for menu planning, grocery lists, and to-do lists! (Tutorial via At Home in Love)

4. Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

Magnetic Chalkboard Spice Rack

Are you tired of digging through your cabinets for spices? Do you want a functional and beautiful way to present them? Then this is the spice rack for you! (Tutorial via Addicted 2 Decorating)

5. Wine Cork Trivet

Wine Cork Trivet

Use wine corks to create this beautiful and functional cork trivet. (Tutorial via Alyssa and Carla)

6. Magnetic Knife Rack

Magnetic Knife Rack

Display your favorite knives in style by making this rustic magnetic knife rack! (Tutorial via eHow)

7. Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer

Cake Stand Kitchen Organizer

Make this simple cake stand organizer for your kitchen out of items from the dollar store. (Tutorial via Liz Marie Blog)

8. DIY Rustic Chalkboard

Rustic Chalkboard

Tired of being asked what’s for dinner every night? Make this cute chalkboard menu for the kitchen. (Tutorial via A Lo and Behold Life)

9. Suspended Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

Suspended Copper Pipe Paper Towel Holder

With just a few piping materials from your local hardware store, you can make this awesome paper towel holder for your home. (Tutorial via Squirrelly Minds)

10. Round Hot Pads

Round Hot Pads

These kitchen hot pads are just what you need to grab a cookie sheet out of the oven or a hot plate from the microwave. (Tutorial via CraftyAsianGirl)

11. Pipe Industrial Shelf

Pipe Industrial Shelf

Double your counter space with this creative, rustic shelf made from a 2×4! (Tutorial via Funky Junk Interiors)

11 DIY Projects to Update Your Kitchen

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