17 Amazing Things You Can Do With Tree Stumps

17 Amazing Things You Can Do With Tree Stumps

So, you have a felled tree and already have too much firewood? Or maybe you found a beautiful piece of wood you would like to find a use for? Tree recycling is a great way to put those stumps to use.

From furniture to decorative pieces, here we present you 17 cool DIY projects with tree stumps that even beginners can do. Hope you find something that inspires you!

1. DIY Rolling Plant Stand

Rolling Plant Stand

via Bigger Than The Three of Us

2. DIY Tree Stump Coffee Table

Tree Stump Coffee Table

via 17 Apart


3. DIY Tree Stump Centerpiece

Tree Stump Centerpiece

via My Sweet Savannah


4. Tree Stump Cake Stands

tree stump cake stands

via Nalle’s House

5. DIY Tree Stump Side Tables

Tree Stump Side Tables

via A Beautiful Mess


6. DIY Lamp from a Tree Stump

Lamp from a Tree Stump

via Pudel-Design


7. Tree Stump Candle Holders

Tree Stump Candle Holders

via Cozy Stylish Chic


8. Turn a Tree Stump Into a Birdbath

Turn a Tree Stump Into a Birdbath

via HGTV


9. Small Tree Stump Planter

Tree Stump Planter

via Homedit


10. Stump and Plank Garden Bench

Stump and Plank Garden Bench

via A Gardener’s Notebook


11. Make Some Beautiful Coasters

Make Some Beautiful Coasters

via Garden Therapy


12. DIY Wood Stools

wood stools

via H&A Happenings


13. DIY Wood Slice Serving Board

Wood Slice Serving Board

via ManMade DIY


14. DIY Floating Cupcake Stand

Floating Cupcake Stand

via Rustic Wedding Chic


15. Stump Solar Lights

Stump Solar Lights

via Hometalk


16. Rustic Wine Rack

Rustic Wine Rack

via Wakaya Perfection USA


17. DIY Tree Stump Vase

Tree Stump Vase

via Jessthetics

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