17 Cute & Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Forget the chocolates this Valentine’s Day and surprise your loved one with something homemade!

Homemade gifts are not only special because they are unique but also because you took the time to make them just for that special someone. Here are 17 cute & easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will totally impress your valentine.

 1   “52 Reasons I Love You” Cards

52 Reasons I Love You

Tutorial via Lil Bit

 2   Love Message in a Bottle

Love Message in a Bottle

Tutorial via Camille Styles


 3   Woodburned Heart Ring

Woodburned Heart Ring

Tutorial via Maize Hutton


 4   Framed Keyboard Message

Framed Keyboard Message

Tutorial via Paper Plate and Plane


 5   Valentine Light Bulb

Valentine Light Bulb

Tutorial via Saleena Marie


 6   DIY Candle Carved with Initials

Candle Carved with Initials

Tutorial via Hello Glow

 7   Love Notes

Love Notes

Tutorial via Craftberry Bush


 8   Pop-Up Photo Box

Pop-Up Photo Box

Tutorial via Brit.co


 9   DIY Heart Coasters

Heart Coasters

Tutorial via A Bubbly Life


 10   Chevron Button Heart

Chevron Button Heart

Tutorial via Housewives of Riverton


 11   Glittery Heart Block Puzzle

Glittery Heart Block Puzzle

Tutorial via Studio DIY


 12   Heart Hadphone Cord Wrap

Heart Hadphone Cord Wrap

Tutorial via Idlewife


 13   Sharpie Mug

Sharpie Mug

Tutorial via Bren Did


 14   DIY Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

Pom Pom Flower Bouquet

Tutorial via Quirk Books


 15   Felt Heart Keychain

Felt Heart Keychain

Tutorial via Workshops Essayer


 16   Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Heart Shaped Tea Bags

Tutorial via HonestlyYUM


 17   Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar

Hugs & Kisses Mason Jar

Tutorial via A Night Owl

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17 Cute AND Easy DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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