15 Cute Things to Sew for Baby

Buying things for babies can be fun but making them yourself is so much more enjoyable. From toys to baby clothing and nursery decor, here’s a roundup of some of the cutest baby sewing projects and patterns we could find on the web. New moms, sewists looking to make baby shower gifts, and everyone in between are going to love this collection.

1. Rainbow Zipper Toy

Rainbow Zipper Toy

Little hands like to keep busy – instead of them unzipping their clothes, make this zipper toy they can play with. (Tutorial via Swoodson Says)

2. Baby Leggings

baby leggings

Easy to make and comfortable to wear! (Tutorial via Gina Michele)

3. Baby Bib

Baby Bib

This baby bib is great for keeping baby clean and stylish at the same time! (Tutorial via Make it and Love it)

4. Baby Blanket

baby blanket

Sew a super simple, soft, and cuddly baby blanket for your little one in less than 20 minutes! (Tutorial via The Stitching Scientist)

5. Diaper Cover

Diaper Cover

This diaper cover is so adorable! Perfect for baby to wear anytime, or for pictures. (Tutorial via Made Everyday)

6. Bow Headband

Bow Headband

With just a small amount of fabric and about 30 minutes, you can create this lovely little bow that will look absolutely darling on your little darling. (Tutorial via Coral and Co.)

7. Baby Booties

Baby Booties

Instead of spending lots of money on expensive baby booties, why not just make some? These baby booties are pretty simple and will keep baby boys and girls little feet warm and cozy. (Tutorial via Handmade in The Heartland)

8. Colour Explosion Quilt

Colour Explosion Quilt

Sew a vibrant baby quilt that will liven up your nursery. (Tutorial via Bonjour Quilts)

9. Knotted Baby Hat

Knotted Baby Hat

Make this adorable cap to keep the baby’s head warm. (Tutorial via Tie Dye Diva)

10. Stuffed Sheep

Sew a Soft Little Lamb

Sheep are very cute animals. With a little materials and this free sewing pattern you can make one yourself with ease. (Tutorial via Swoodson Says)

11. Pacifier Leash

Pacifier Leash

Make this cute pacifier leash to keep your baby’s dummy within reach and to prevent it from falling. (Tutorial via Johnnie and Angela)

12. Insulated Baby Bottle Cover

Insulated Baby Bottle Cover

This DIY insulated cover is a great way to keep the baby bottle warm when you travel or spend a day out and about! (Tutorial via So Sew Easy)

13. Fabric Blocks

Fabric Blocks

With just a few fabric scraps and some stuffing, you can create these colorful, soft blocks. (Tutorial via While She Naps)

14. Baby Bird Mobile

Baby Bird Mobile

Adorn your baby’s nursery with this cute bird mobile. (Tutorial via Craftiness is Not Optional)

15. Baby Dress

Baby Dress

All you need is a shirt and some fabric straps to make this simple baby dress. (Tutorial via Made Everyday)

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15 Cute Things to Sew for Baby

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