11 Cool Things to Do with Milk Jugs

11 Cool Things to Do with Milk Jugs

Instead of sending plastic milk jugs to the landfill, where the Environmental Protection Agency says they never will degrade, consider these creative ways to reuse them around the house.

Repurposing and reusing things that you would otherwise throw away is a great way to be eco-friendly and make the world a better place. From a garden scoop to a bird feeder and more, here are a handful of fun projects that you can make with ordinary milk jugs.

 1   Watering Can

Turn a Milk Jug into a Watering Can

via Someday I’ll Learn

 2   Art Supply Organizer

Art Supply Organizer

via Factory Direct Craft Blog

 3   Milk Jug Herb Garden

Herb Garden

via The Art and Craft Room

 4   Garden Scoop

Garden Scoop

via The Chilly Dog

 5   Magazine and Book Organizer

Magazine and Book Organizer

via Ideekiare

 6   Milk Jug Bird Feeder

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

via The Hiland Home

 7   Plunger Caddy

Plunger Holder

via GoLiveLoveCreate

 8   Milk Jug Piggy Bank

Milk Jug Piggy Bank

via ThriftyFun

 9   Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

via Eighteen25

 10   Milk Jug Toss Game

Milk Jug Toss Game

via Crafty Journal

 11   Paint Holder

paint holder

via Rachel Schultz

Of course there are many more milk jug projects that are not on this list, but this should be enough to spark your creativity.

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