15 Fun & Easy Plastic Easter Egg Crafts

Plastic Easter eggs aren’t just for hunting! You can turn them into beautiful necklaces, garlands, wreaths and so much more! Here are some fun crafts you can do with your kids using plastic Easter eggs. All of them are super simple and can be finished in minutes. Have an egg-tastic time!

Cute Caterpillars

1. Cute Caterpillars from Artzy Creations

Plastic Egg Cupcakes

2. Plastic Egg Cupcakes from Chica Circle

Plastic Egg Fireflies

3. Plastic Egg Fireflies from KiwiCo

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

4. Plastic Easter Egg Flowers from Make and Takes

Easter Egg Wreath

5. DIY Easter Egg Wreath from One Crazy Mom

Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots

6. Plastic Easter Egg Flower Pots from Made with Happy

Plastic Eggs Garland

7. Plastic Eggs Garland from Kelly Elko

Easter Egg Bird Feeder

8. Easter Egg Bird Feeder from Playing House

easter egg terrariums

9. Easter Egg Terrariums from The House That Lars Built

Easter Egg String Lights

10. DIY Easter Egg String Lights from Creative Ramblings

Easter Egg Candle Holders

11. Easter Egg Candle Holders from Two Sisters Crafting

Carrot Easter Eggs

12. DIY Carrot Easter Eggs from DIY Inspired

Easter Egg Maracas

13. Easter Egg Maracas from Made Everyday

Easter Egg Tree

14. Easter Egg Tree from Sweet Floweret

Easter Egg Necklace

15. Easter Egg Necklace from My Sister’s Suitcase

If you’d like to come back to this collection later, simply pin the collage image below. And if you are looking for more fun craft ideas, check out my other posts!

15 Fun and Easy Plastic Easter Egg Crafts

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