16 Lovely DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

No fairy garden is complete without the perfect accessories. There are many stores and websites where you can buy delightful fairy garden accessories. However, it is so much fun to make some of these accessories yourself. Handmade fairy garden goodies are charming and surprisingly easy to make. Here are some of our favorite fairy garden accessories you can easily make from things you probably have around the house.

 1   Turn Beach Stones into Sparkly Fairy Gems

Turn Beach Stones into Sparkly Fairy Gems

Tutorial via The Little Monster

 2   Salt Dough Fairy Garden Accessories

Salt Dough Fairy Garden Accessories

Tutorial via Mommy Moment


 3   DIY Popsicle Stick Picnic Table

Popsicle Stick Picnic Table

Tutorial via Opening Fairy Doors


 4   Make Mini Well With Stones & Twigs

Mini Well

Tutorial via Juise


 5   Fairy Garden Hammock

Fairy Garden Hammock

Tutorial via Kim Brancato


 6   DIY Mini Toadstools

Mini Toadstools

Tutorial via The Magic Onions

 7   Fairy Garden Pond

Fairy Garden Pond

Tutorial via Chic Shopper Chick


 8   Fairy Garden Path

Fairy Garden Path

Tutorial via Beneath the Ferns


 9   Solar Powered Fairy House

Solar Powered Fairy House

Tutorial via Creative Green Living


 10   Fairy Garden Doors

Fairy Garden Doors

Tutorial via Roots Nursery


 11  Twig Chairs

Twig Chairs

Tutorial via One Inch World


 12   DIY Fairy Garden Fence with Banner

Fairy Garden Fence with Banner

Tutorial via Life.Family.Joy.


 13   DIY Fairy Swing

Fairy Swing

Tutorial via Moraine Gardens


 14   DIY Miniature Fairy Rope Ladder

Miniature Fairy Rope Ladder

Tutorial via Factory Direct Craft


 15   Bottle Cap Fairy Stools

Bottle Cap Fairy Stools

Tutorial via Our Beautifully Messy House


 16   Fairy Wheelbarrow

Fairy Wheelbarrow

Tutorial via Elowezil

We hope this collection of DIY fairy garden accessories inspired you to create some awesome creations of your own. Happy crafting!

16 Lovely DIY Fairy Garden Accessories

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