12 Fabulous Home Decor Accessories You Can DIY

12 Fabulous Home Decor Accessories You Can DIY

Spring is approaching and that means it’s time to spruce up your home. We have gathered the 12 best DIY home decor accessories that you can do in your free time, to make your home even more beautiful and functional. These projects are easy, affordable, and most importantly look fantastic.

1. Felt Ball Coasters

Felt Ball Coasters

Add a fun pop of color to your home with these easy and inexpensive to make felt ball coasters. (Tutorial via Endlessly Inspired)

2. Footed Vanity Tray

Footed Vanity Tray

Perfect for holding and organizing your vanity items! (Tutorial via Homey oh My)

3. 10 Minute Industrial Pipe Shelf

10 Minute Industrial Pipe Shelf

This compact shelf doubles your coffee station space! Pipe fittings and 1 plank of wood are all you need to make this stylish shelf. (Tutorial via Funky Junk Interiors)

4. Gym Ring Hanging Bedside Lamp

Gym Ring Hanging Bedside Lamp

Brighten up bedroom decor with a DIY gym ring hanging pendant lamp. You don’t have to be a genius electrician to do it! (Tutorial via Fall for DIY)

5. Metallic Rope Basket

 Gym Ring Hanging Bedside Lamp

Create an elegant, decorative throw basket with just a dollar store laundry basket, some jute rope, felt and a glue gun! (Tutorial via Lydi out Loud)

6. Rustic Natural Wood Table Lamp

Rustic Natural Wood Table Lamp

Add some character to your living room or home workspace with this rustic wood table lamp. (Tutorial via DIY Furniture Studio)

7. Geometric Concrete Planters

Geometric Concrete Planters

Make your own concrete flower pots! No heavy machinery or materials needed to create these geometric molds! (Tutorial via Lana Red Studio)

8. Denim Storage Boxes

Denim Storage Boxes

Got an old pair of jeans that you just don’t know what to do with? Use them to make these stylish storage boxes for your “Bits & Bobs”. (Tutorial via Pillar Box Blue)

9. Metallic Geometric Candle Holders

Metallic Geometric Candle Holders

These metallic geometric tealight holders look pretty fancy but cost only a few cents each to make! (Tutorial via A Joyful Riot)

10. Hanging Photo Shelf

Hanging Photo Shelf

Create this simple shelf to display your favorite photos and plants. (Tutorial via The Merrythought)

11. Modern Key Holder

Modern Key Holder

Need to organize your keys? Make this modern key holder. (Tutorial via Francois et Moi)

12. Blanket Ladder

Blanket Ladder

Make your own blanket ladder to create storage that’s not only functional but decorative too. Great addition to any living room. (Tutorial via Cherished Bliss)

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