15 DIY Backpacks for Back-to-School

15 DIY Backpacks for Back-to-School

Backpacks are essential to keeping a student organized so they can easily and comfortably transport all of their books, binders, files and folders. With so much importance, the backpack must be functional and fashionable, right? If your child doesn’t have the perfect bag yet, consider making one yourself. Here are some amazing DIY Backpacks that are simple to make if you have some basic sewing knowledge.

1. Dinosaur Backpack

Dinosaur Backpack

Tutorial via My Handmade Home


2. Pineapple Drawstring Backpack

Pineapple Drawstring Backpack

Tutorial via Make it and Love it


3. DIY Heart Backpack

Heart Backpack

Tutorial via Sew Much Ado


4. Backpack from Denim Scraps

Backpack from Denim Scraps

Tutorial via Salute to Cute

5. T-Shirt to Backpack

T-shirt to Backpack

Tutorial via Look What I Made


6. Pom Pom Backpack

Pom Pom Backpack

Tutorial via Design Improvised


7. Drawstring Fish Backpack

Drawstring fish backpack

Tutorial via Tried & True


8. Polka Dot Backpack

Polka dot backpack

Tutorial via Hellobee


9. Petals Galore Backpack

Petals Galore Backpack

Tutorial via U-Create


10. Monogram Backpack

Monogram backpack

Tutorial via That’s My Letter


11. Monster Backpack

Monster backpack

Tutorial via What I Made Today


12. Neon Backpack

Neon backpack

Tutorial via Hart + Sew


13. Drawstring Backpack With Flap

Drawstring Backpack With Flap

Tutorial via Aggelicat


14. Nothing But a Hound Dog Backpack

Nothing But a Hound Dog Backpack

Tutorial via Melly Sews


15. Domo-Kun Backpack

Domo-Kun Backpack

Tutorial via Instructables

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