10 DIY Clay Pot Christmas Decorations

10 DIY Clay Pot Christmas Decorations

Clay pots aren’t just for flowers anymore. They can be used to create fun decorations and other crafts for special occasions or just for fun.

We’ve put together a list of 10 creative Christmas clay pot craft ideas to make with your kids this holiday season. Check them out and let me know which one you’re going to try!

1. DIY Terracotta Christmas Tree

Terracotta Christmas Tree

Tutorial via The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Cute Clay Pot Reindeer

Cute Clay Pot Reindeer

Tutorial via Bargain Moose

3. Make a Terra Cotta Snowman

Terra Cotta Snowman

Tutorial via Home Depot

4. Santa Pants Flower Pots

Santa Pants Flower Pots

Tutorial via Chica Circle

5. Terracotta Pot Olaf Candy Jar

Terracotta Pot Olaf Candy Jar

Tutorial via Moms & Munchkins

6. Clay Pot Angel

Clay Pot Angel

Tutorial via ThriftyFun

7. Clay Pot Snowmen Ornaments

Clay Pot Snowmen Ornaments

Tutorial via A Squirrel Knocks on my Door

8. Terra Cotta Bells

Terra Cotta Bells

Tutorial via The Country Chic Cottage

9. Clay Pot Elf Ornament

Clay Pot Elf Ornament

Tutorial via Craft Ideas

10. Santa Chimney Place Setting

Santa Chimney Place Setting

Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda

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